Near Real-Time Passenger Counting, Mobile Media, and Movement In and Around Public Transport Railway Systems

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Wi-Fi enabled smart mobile devices look for wireless hotspots in their immediate vicinity. This capacity can be used to count the number of devices, and by association, the number of people in a designated space. With sufficient coverage, the number and flow of people through a space can be mapped. Combining sensor-based data analytics, innovative design principles and qualitative research methods, this project assesses the underlying assumptions of this solution and aims to develop a methodological framework to effectively interpret the collected sensor data and provide significant impact to the transport industry.

Funded to the amount of $25,000, this is a collaborative project involving Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Engineering as well as the Institute of Railway Technology and Monash Art Design and Architecture.
Effective start/end date15/02/1615/12/16


  • Mobile technologies
  • Locative Media
  • Public Transport
  • Visualisation
  • Sensors