Multi-modal Feedback for Distance Education: Researching learner and teacher perspectives

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    This program of work responds to the key challenges and opportunities that have been fleshed out with staff and leaders from the Distance Education Centre Victoria. The key concern is that there are a patchwork of practices and understandings about what underpins effective feedback practices in a distance education context. While some educators are using multi-modal feedback (which includes video, audio and screen-cast enabled feedback), others are not utilising the affordances of these technologies. Furthermore, there are no guiding principles underpinning feedback provision, irrespective of modality. This project seeks to establish an understanding of what works and why using an evidence-based approach.
    Short titleMulti-modal Feedback for Distance Education
    Effective start/end date30/01/1931/10/19


    • Distance Education Centre Victoria: A$10,000.00