Mucus Control – Applying concepts from bacteriophage-mucus interactions.

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This project aims to examine how mucus-adherent bacteriophage interact with bacteria in mucus as a novel mechanism to manipulate microbiomes. Bacterial infections at mucosal surfaces in animals represent a serious global health threat. Traditionally antibiotics have been used to curb mucosal infections. But with the rise of antibiotic resistance, new therapies are urgently needed. Bacteriophage – viruses that infect bacteria – have evolved many unique and auspicious ways to kill bacteria and they have recently been hypothesised to provide a novel layer of antimicrobial immunity in animal mucus. The anticipated goal is to resolve how bacteriophage control bacteria within mucus, and apply concepts toward bioengineering of mucosal microbiomes.
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/19