MSDI Collaborative Fund: Capacity building for SDG transformation: A Pilot program for Revitalisation of the Citarum River, West Java, Indonesia

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The 'Capacity Building for SDG Transformation: a pilot program to revitalise the Citrarum River' has been successful in receiving Monash Sustainable Development Institute funding under its Collaborative Fund covering phases 1 - 2 of the project (of a 4 phase project). Phases 1 - 2 attracted a total of $95,000 in support from MSDI ($20,000 of staff time + $75,000).

The collaboration aims to harness the expertise and experience at Monash to unpack the complexities of capacity building for sustainable development, and develop a framework to guide capacity building activities and learning outcomes. By establishing partnerships and programs for the Citarum Catchment as a living laboratory, we aim to test and refine the pilot, and seek opportunities to grow this idea and monitor our impact on Revitalising the Citarum River over the next 5 years.
Short titleCollaborative Fund: Capacity Building for the Citarum River
Effective start/end date27/10/1927/10/21


  • SDG 6
  • integrated water management
  • Citarum River Catchment
  • SDG transformation
  • capacity building
  • sustainable development
  • sustainability transitions