Monash Virtual School – Researching the Impact of Virtual Educational Opportunities on Self-Efficacy, Social Inclusion, Teacher Capacity and Educational Data Science

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This 7-year project will build a program of research through the expansion of an existing initiative - Monash Virtual School - which will now include free online VCE revision classes for 8 VCE Unit 1 and 2 STEM subjects. A new co-designed series of free online STEM interventions for Victorian students in Grades 5 and 6 will also support the transition of these students into secondary school STEM education.

It is anticipated that up to 300,000 school students and more than 1,000 pre-service teachers will potentially engage in the various programs offered by the Monash Virtual School over the duration of this research allowing large scale, longitudinal investigations to explore four key dimensions of virtual education, each drawing on data generated by students and pre-service teachers participating in the virtual school allowing new knowledge and insights to be developed into critical dimensions of systemic social inequality, disadvantage, intolerance, and discrimination.
Effective start/end date14/07/2231/12/29


  • virtual school
  • gender equity
  • Climate Change
  • teacher knowledge