Monash-Gippsland Teletrials Project

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The Monash Partners Comprehensive Cancer Consortium (MPCCC) and the Gippsland Regional Integrated Cancer Service (GRICS) partnered to seek funding for over 2 years to support the implementation of a Tele-Trial Pilot. The use of Tele-Trials is not currently widespread within Australia or internationally and this would be an opportunity for MPCCC and GRICS to demonstrate innovation whilst increasing participation and enhancing quality of access to clinical trials for rural and remote patients. Tele-Trials involve the use of telemedicine to conduct clinical trials. The Pilot will Increase access to clinical trials for people in the Gippsland Region, develop collaboration and networking between rural/regional and metropolitan centres and improve evidence based practice in clinical trials by increasing recruitment and patients in clinical trials.
Short titleTeletrials
Effective start/end date1/11/1831/10/21


  • Victorian Cancer Agency: A$409,142.00