Models of Divinity

  • Oppy, Graham (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))
  • Trakakis, Nick (Chief Investigator (CI))

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Beliefs about gods and divinity vary widely from one culture to another, and have varied widely over time within particular cultures. Nonetheless, to its detriment, Western philosophy of religion remains preoccupied with a very small range of monotheistic models of God and the divine. Our project will revitalise and globalise Western philosophy of religion by way of an intensive philosophical investigation of a very wide range of beliefs about gods and divinity. In particular, we propose an exhaustive comparative study of models of divinity, and a careful investigation of foundational questions raised by the existence of these models.
Effective start/end date1/01/1030/11/16


  • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$123,542.00
  • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$49,458.00
  • Monash University