Mental Wellbeing in Sport Evaluation

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    VicHealth has awarded Monash Education the opportunity to research and evaluate the impact mental health and wellbeing (MHW) programs have, in establishing cultures of care within Victorian community sporting clubs.

    A host of programs have emerged that aim to help clubs more proactively promote mental health and wellbeing. However, little is known about the impact these providers have on raising awareness of mental health, or on increasing the confidence and capacity of community clubs to support/promote the mental wellbeing of their members.

    More evidence is needed to ascertain the difference (or lack of difference) programs make in supporting MHW. VicHealth has committed to better understand the impact of MHW provision in sporting clubs through their Mental Wellbeing in Sport program.

    The aims of this research are to evaluate the VicHealth Mental Wellbeing in Sport program, specifically:

    1. Support the development of a steering committee to oversee the program.
    2. Refine a high-level pilot program logic model to support program design and evaluation.
    3. Design and implement a monitoring and evaluation framework to conduct a process and outcome evaluation of VicHealth’s Mental Wellbeing in Sport program.
    4. Provide recommendations to VicHealth to inform continuous improvement of the Mental Wellbeing in Sport program.
    5. Provide recommendations to VicHealth to inform future investment in mental wellbeing in sport, based on evaluation findings.
    6. Translate the findings to inform the sector.
    Effective start/end date4/12/2025/03/22