Mecca M-Power Funding for the AllPlay Footy and AllPlay Dance research programs

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This phase in our program of research will involve trialling and scaling inclusive, community-based, co-designed programs that apply the latest research findings to facilitate meaningful participation of children with disability across footy and dance. The following research activities will be conducted in Year 1 with the potential to continue for two successive periods of 12 months each:

1. Conducting scoping and systematic reviews on strategies that support children's with disability inclusion across sports, dance and education. This is an annual activity with outcome(s) being disseminated in a minimum of two publications over the three-year partnership.
2. Identifying research projects for HDR student supervision on community-based interventions that aim to improve young children's physical activity, wellbeing and development
3. Building from our existing programs to increase uptake from girls and age groups that we have not yet focused on.
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/25