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The Mathematics Sequences of Learning (MSoL) project is designed to build on previous research including: an Australian Research Council (ARC) (LP180100611) project, Exploring Mathematical Sequences of Connected and Cumulative (EMC3) tasks and our ongoing collaboration with Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS). As Chief Investigators we provided teachers with tasks and sequences of lessons to trial and adapt. Teachers reported changes to a range of different practices including: allowing students time to struggle and share their thinking (Bobis et al., 2019); offering challenging problems to engage students in purposeful learning, that led to productive dispositions, assisted students to explain and justify their mathematical thinking (Livy et al., 2018; Russo et al., 2019); and ensured teacher questions were purposeful for guiding student learning in different ways (Bobis et al., 2021; Livy et al., 2021). The MSoL project will draw on the findings of the ARC to assist teachers when implementing the EMC3 tasks and assess the impact of these resources on student learning

The aim of the Mathematics Sequences of Learning project is to investigate if a new cohort of teachers can develop their pedagogical knowledge for implementing the research designed resources produced from the EMC3 project and how the teachers assess student learning. We will seek to answer the following research questions:

- How do teachers adapt the resources for their teaching when supporting student-centred approaches to teaching mathematics?
- How do teachers approach student assessment when implementing the tasks, including assessment of student thinking?
- Do students’ dispositions toward mathematics change after engaging with the sequences of lessons?

An innovation of the project is to advance our understanding of ways to assess students’ dispositions and thinking as a comparison to those measured by conventional tests. Meaningful assessment of student learning is a key element of each sequence. Teachers will assist with trialling and designing assessment rubrics that focus on student thinking and dispositions when teaching with the sequences of lessons. In particular, this aspect of the project aims to provide new knowledge of student assessment that can be implemented nationally.
Effective start/end date19/11/2122/07/22