Mapping the Sustainable Development Goals against the Water Sensitive City Index

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Project Description

This is a proposal to develop a benchmarking tool that would link the WSC Index with the SDG framework.

Phase 1
Build a software tool that is integrated with the WSC Index platform. This will facilitate an in-depth assessment of the links between the two frameworks, enabling identification of overall synergies between water sensitivity and other SDGs, as well as producing a more detailed profile of each of the SDGs and highlighting the potential to meet SDG targets through water sector investments.

Phase 2
Develop a rating system and benchmarking tool that links to WSC Index scores. This will allow users that have undertaken an assessment with the WSC Index to understand how current water practices are simultaneously helping deliver on other SDG priorities, and will include a weighting based on WSC Index scores. This will identify actions that could be taken to further leverage water sector policy, planning and investment to deliver complementary benefits across the SDGs.
Short titleSDGs & WSC Index
Effective start/end date20/01/1830/04/18