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The project builds on the recently LMCF funded ‘Pressing the Climate: Community Newspapers as Climate Communicators’ which, in stage 1, will deliver 2,496 climate graphics packages to the 26 Leader News mastheads across metropolitan Melbourne with a weekly audience of around 1.6 million readers. These graphics will be accompanied by a 170 word column, called ‘Changing Climates’, which together will document climate trends over a 25 to 50 year timespan in the past based on local weather stations across Melbourne. Stage 2 will be delivered after 6 months, where the graphics will include 50 year projections using CSIRO data at a 5km resolution centred on weather stations. Funding is requested to prepare for stage 3, wherein, at 9-12 months the project will periodically interchange another column called ‘Green Houses’ which will show emissions data collected by Ironbark Sustainability for local government areas (LGA’s) with a 170 word column that compares the data with other LGA’s to stimulate community competition over lowering emissions.
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Effective start/end date10/12/1830/09/20