Literature Review of contemporary Mathematics Challenges and e-Booklets to support children’s mathematical thinking at home and outdoors

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    Literature Review:
    A Literature Review of contemporary mathematics challenges available online or in a digital formats for Early Childhood and Students to participate in with their families, independently and/or with educators or teachers. The Review would be written in response to three research questions, in accordance with the DET Writing Style Guide and include a bibliography. The method employed for the Literature Review will be a purposeful survey and critique of national and international mathematics challenges available online or in digital formats, framed by the three research questions provided. It is anticipated that analysis of the findings will highlight the strengths and limitations of these resources for engaging students and their families in mathematical challenges.

    eBooklets inviting families to try activities or ‘challenges’ that encourage their child’s mathematical thinking at home and outdoors. Written in plain English, they would match the format and structure of an existing digital learning resource and outline alignment with the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. The method employed would be to draw on current Early Years scholarship and evidence-based best practice to design challenging activities for a minimum of four eBooklets that engage children’s mathematical thinking and investigation in home and outdoor contexts. The required format and structure of the provided digital learning resource will be used as a model to shape the design approach and contents.
    Effective start/end date22/06/1622/07/16