Level 1 Condition Assessment Report WMMB06 Water Main

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The Monash Infrastructure Doctors (MID) group led by Prof. Jayantha Kodikara is engaged in a contract research to provide analytical services to Sydney Water with the objective of predicting remaining functional asset life of water mains owned and/or maintained by Sydney Water. This is defined in the Master Agreement Contract with PURE ID 289618039. As part of this Master Agreement, the MID will be conducting research on as-received pipe dataset.
The current PURE application is for the analytical services conducted by the MID on a water pipeline belonging to Sydney Water. The analysed length of the water pipeline was 1.396 km long. The outcome from this project is a report titled Level 1 Condition Assessment Report WMMB06 Water Main, which has been submitted to Sydney Water. The current PURE application is a claim for the work conducted and accompanying this document is the Monash cost model.
Short titleWMMB06
Effective start/end date1/01/201/01/23


  • condition assessment
  • remaining life
  • data analysis
  • water pipeline