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File reference: 104 Vietnam 39-1-3-5 HAN

Dear Dennis
In reply to your queries:

> The start date is 12 November 2007 and the end date is 25 February 2008.
> Are these dates correct?

1 Yes the project ran intermittedly over this period.
> You indicate that you have not submitted an application in electronic or > hardcopy format to the granting body. How did they come to know about > your
> project?

2 I carried out research under the direction of a subcontractor working for the DANIDA funded JOPSO project in Hanoi.
> On the Cover Sheet the Fund source is given as a Donation for legal
> consultation. I need to have a copy of the project mentioned above or know more about the project so that this activity can be classified as Research and not a consultation..

3 The activities I carried out included researching and writing an issues paper on legal interpretation, researching, writing and delivering a paper on constitutional reform in Indonesia at a Workshop on 'legal interpretation' conducted by JOSPO in February 2008 in Hanoi. After the conference I edited workshop papers for publication. >

The Letter of Notification from the Embassy of Denmark is dated 28 August
> 2008, later than the end date of the Project 25 Feb 2008.
4 It took the Embassy this long to decide to give a donation.

> The Letter is unsigned and states that the Embassy wishes to donate
> US$13,018.85. The Cover Sheet states US$15,0000.

5 The coversheet gives an estimate of the donation.
> On the Cover Sheet you indicate that this donation has already been
> awarded. If this is the case and an account code has been set up please
> give me the Cost Centre number and the Fund number.
6 You can contact Helen Yu at the Department of Business Law and Taxation for these details.

Best wishes


Professor John Gillespie
Director Asia Pacific Business Regulation Group
Department of Business Law and Taxation
Monash University
Effective start/end date12/11/0725/02/08


  • Danish International Developmental Agency Vietnam: A$15,205.00