ISCRR Project 182 - What happens next ? An investigation of post-incident support for healthcare workers experiencing occupational violence and aggression

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Occupational violence and aggression (OVA) is a major health and safety concern, and is prevalent in sectors such as healthcare. This project aims to investigate the post-incident support that is offered to healthcare workers after they have experienced OVA, to explore issues in the reporting of OVA incidents by healthcare workers, and to identify workplace-based strategies to offer post-incident support after OVA.
This project builds on the research team’s previous work on OHS in healthcare. A survey was conducted with almost 5,000 members of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF: Victorian Branch). This project will analyse the qualitative comments offered by respondents to open-ended questions in the survey. This analysis of free-text comments was beyond the scope of the previous project (ISCRR CM 12-045) yet offers great potential for improved understanding of OVA and guidance for post-incident support policy and workplace strategies.

Short titleProject 182-OVA
Effective start/end date30/05/1731/10/17