IRP1 Water Sensitive City Transition Strategies and Implementation Plans

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IRP1 aims to deliver a suite of participatory methods and associated tools for developing strategic guidance to cities and towns wanting to accelerate and build momentum for the transition towards their envisioned later sensitive future. The project focuses on developing and testing processes across multiple case study regions at different scales – from neighbourhood to metropolitan to regional. A comprehensive and scientifically-informed transition strategy will articulate targeted guidance to local stakeholders, building on the foundations of a shared vision, informed by a thorough analysis of the current regional context and future drivers, and supported by a feasible implementation plan. Innovative participatory processes will be facilitated to develop a strong narrative, clear water policy direction and a delivery framework to create alignment and drive coordinated action amongst government, industry and community stakeholders. The project builds on and utilises previous CRCWSC research that developed envisioning processes, community engagement strategies and the WSC Index tool. It will involve close collaboration between research and industry partners to ensure the project outcomes directly influence the policies and activities of local stakeholder organisations to catalyse and accelerate their city’s transition to its desired water sensitive future. The project outcomes (including tools and reports) will also help other water sector participants to develop their own visions and transition strategies.
Short titleIRP1
Effective start/end date1/10/1630/06/18


  • water sensitive cities
  • transitions