Investigating education networks in Australia, the United Kingdom and Asia

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Building effective and successful school governance is the vision and top priority in education for many governments around the world. Drawing on UNESCO’s report entitled Reimagining Our Futures Together: A New Social Contract for Education (2021), which aims to spark a public debate on rethinking the purposes and role of education, this project brings together leading scholars in education leadership, governance and teacher education at Monash University and
Warwick University to how examine different types of educational networks enhance teacher quality and school improvement in Australia, the United Kingdom and Asia. By using network governance, as well as social network theory, from an educational perspective, the project aims to investigate this issue at the meso level (e.g. networks within and across schools and education sectors, including public schools, independent schools, and Catholic schools) and the micro level (professional teacher development networks and collaboration, within schools).

This project aims to develop collaborative teams (researchers and PhD students) between Monash University and Warwick University to explore potential implications of the UNESCO report as it relates to the fusion of school network analyses and the concept of educational equilibria. To achieve this aim, the project will involve reciprocal visits and two hybrid research symposia; the first being held in Warwick University in June 2023 and the second held at Monash University in October 2023.
Effective start/end date31/01/241/12/24


  • Education Network
  • Teacher Quality
  • Teacher Professional Learning Network
  • Inter-school Social Capital