Infrastructure for large-scale data resource sharing between research institutions - an environmental case study

  • Schmidt, Heinrich (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))
  • Dehne, Frank (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Hunter, Jane (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Orlowska, Maria (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Pullar, David (Chief Investigator (CI))
  • Zhou, Xiaofang (Chief Investigator (CI))

    Project: Research

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    Project Description

    The project creates a federated distributed data infrastructure for research, that encourages data creators to make their data available to other scientist, and encourages users to make use of data available from many sources. The vision is to establish an ICT infrastructure to facilitate a whole-of-environment approach to environmental research. The outcome is a proof-of-concept application based upon a case study of Queensland Environmental Protection Agency's databases, to gain an in-depth understanding of the complexity, scope and key technological barriers for establishing an ICT infrastructure, to identify where the latest technologies can be sued and where the gaps are for these technologies to be used in environmental sciences.
    Effective start/end date1/09/0530/07/06


    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$20,000.00