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Ways of Halting Antimicrobial resisTance In Fiji (WHAT-IF)

Loftus, M. & Peleg, A. Y.


Project: Research

Personalised Seizure Prediction

Kuhlmann, L., Cook, M., Freestone, D. R., D'Souza, W. & Burkitt, A. N.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


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SPHERE: SPHERE - The Centre of Research Excellence in Sexual and Reproductive Health for Women: Achieving Better Outcomes through Primary Care

Mazza, D., Fisher, J. R. W., Taft, A., Black, K., Lucke, J., Haas, M., Hussainy, S. Y., McGeechan, K. & Norman, W. V.


Project: Research

The Newest Nationalism: Constructing a Hong Kong National Identity

Carrico, K.


Project: Research

Triage systems for emergency care: a contemporary evaluation

Cameron, P. & Mitchell, R.


Project: Research

Dunera Lives

Spark, S. M., Winter, J. & Gammage, B.


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Project support grant/research visit grant

Lockie, S. K. H. & Clarke, R.


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ADVANCE: Addressing Dementia Via Agitation-Centered Evaluation

Gleason, A. J., O'Brien, T. J., Woodward, M. & Clarnette, R.


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