Inclusivator Project for Year 7-9

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The proposal for a Year 7-9 “Inclusivator” is to collaboratively work with partner schools to co-design scalable digital content specifically for this age group, with a goal of improving outcomes for all students undertaking Monash Tech School Entrepreneurship pathway programs (

The significance of this initiative is in aligning with the Monash Strategic 2030 objective of “Thriving communities” and addressing the need to support neuro-minorities, who may be excluded from the workforce, in entrepreneurship activities. This also aligns with Monash’s Inclusive and Enterprising goals, in making existing programs in this area explicitly more inclusive.
Short titleInclusivator Project for Year 7-9
Effective start/end date13/06/2218/12/22


  • John Monash Science School (JMSS): A$22,272.72


  • entrepreneurship education
  • neurodiversity
  • neurominorities
  • virtual reality
  • immersive learning