Incentivising within-day shifting of household electricity use

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Australia’s boom in rooftop solar is creating value opportunities for electricity users to shift more consumption to the sunny daytime and away from times when the sun has set. However, what will it take to engage households with so-called “solar sponge” tariffs to meaningfully shift their timing of energy use, and can it be demonstrated to electricity providers that such tariffs are worthwhile?

This project will test a variety of electricity tariff augmentations designed to incentivise households to better align their electricity use with solar energy output. This includes testing and comparing incentives to move consumption into daylight hours with incentives to move away from non-daylight hours; and comparing incentivising routine actions with ad hoc actions. Unlocking the keys to household engagement with within-day energy use shifting is a crucial component for maximising the environmental benefits and economic value from renewable energy investment in Australia.
Effective start/end date2/05/222/11/22