Impact of COVID-19 on food security status in inner metropolitan Melbourne and identification of possible responses

  • Komesaroff, Paul (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))

    Project: Research

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    The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically increased the number of people in Melbourne facing food insecurity. Despite substantial government emergency relief significant deficiencies exist in food supply and distribution, relating to inadequate data about need, communication between relief agencies and social policies.

    This project will enhance the ability of the food charity sector to respond to food insecurity by providing detailed data about the extent and nature of need and organisational and logistic challenges. Drawing on extant data, and the experiences of food relief workers and those encountering insecurity, it will provide a detailed picture of who seeks access to food and how they do so, the changing nature of need, and demands on food relief services. Thereby, it will contribute to an understanding of the nature and extent of unmet needs and assist with the development of effective strategies to respond to them.

    The project will be conducted by a collaborative partnership of researchers and members of the sector, using qualitative and quantitative methodologies. It will be guided by a Reference Group comprising stakeholders drawn from the community, the not-for-profit sector, food relief organisations, government and academia to ensure that the voices of all relevant parties are represented.
    Short titleResponses to food insecurity in Melbourne
    Effective start/end date5/11/2031/01/21