Immersive visualisation for Valuing Sustainability Future Science Platform related

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Monash University, through Dr Tom Chandler (Director of Centre for Human-Centered Computing) and his team will:
(1) undertake engagement with project teams in the Valuing Sustainability Future Science Platform related to immersive visualisation needs of each project for activities associated with research communication and knowledge co-production. Engagement activities will likely include presentations to the FSP leadership team and one-on-one interviews with individual project leaders and team members.
(2) Production of a Design Specification document that details the requirements of each FSP project for immersive visualisation technologies and an implementation plan outlining which requirements can be met within the contract budget. Such requirements may include platforms for user interactivity in an immersive landscape visualisation; 3D models of plants, animals, land management activities; audio recordings.
(3) Produce prototype immersive visualisations and/or their components for feedback by the different FSP projects.
(4) Finalise immersive visualisation products according to the implementation plan and deliver these to the project teams.

The key deliverables are:
(1) Engagement activities (presentation(s) and interviews) with Valuing Sustainability Future Science Platform project teams;
(2) Design Specification document;
(3) Final immersive visualisations (including 3D models of landscape components and/or interactive digital delivery platform).

Short titleCSIRO Immersive Vis.
AcronymCSIRO 3D
Effective start/end date26/04/2230/06/23