Identifying SDG Indicators to Drive Long-Term Sustainability Outcomes for Water Utilities

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The purpose of this project is to:
-co-develop with WSAA the range of service delivery outcomes that water utilities are responsible for delivering - taking into account specific “business as usual” responsibilities of utilities as well as what might be broader integrated water management (IWM) and community responsibilities related to “utilities of the future”.
- Working with SDG Working Group to identify a “long list” of SDG targets that relate to the service delivery outcomes of water utilities outlined in Task 1.
- Review long listed SDG targets and indicators (Task 2) – to develop a short list of Direct and Indirect Targets relevant to utilities.
- For each of the UN SDG Targets or Indicators on the Short Lists (see Task 3) for each Target, develop indicators tailored to meet the needs of Australian utilities.
- Collaborate with WSAA SDG Task Group and SDG6 Working Group and NPR review process to identify appropriate targets and indicators.
- Work with WSAA to establish the value proposition for utilities incorporating SDG indicators into their strategic and business planning processes.
- Develop recommended list of Indicators linked to SDG Targets and associated measurement processes for water utility KPIs.

Short titleWater Services - Identifiying Long-Term Indicators
Effective start/end date29/04/1928/04/20


  • Water Services Association of Australia Limited: A$27,273.30


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  • SDG 9
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