ICON Collaboration-Tracing health impacts of natural and added nutrients in foods – approach for next-generation validation of the function of foods

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The direct relationship between food ingredients and health is well known. In contrast, it is unknown which conversion products - with which kind of health impact – are formed during digestion and food processing.
Therefore, novel molecular research tools for interdisciplinary nutritional life sciences are needed to achieve technology breakthroughs:
 Unravel the fate of nutrients during digestion / processing by employing novel analytical techniques
 Impact of chemical products towards nutrition and health
 Provision of optimized processing and a deep understanding of pathways within human digestion
The project addresses two aspects:
1) Public health / healthy food choice / healthy society
2) Market potential for food companies / sector: new products and processes
Short titleFood functional ingredient validation
Effective start/end date1/08/181/08/21