"I wouldn’t be who I am today without these incredible teachers”: A social media analysis of the #ThankYourTeacher campaign

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Teachers play a significant role in society, yet many feel unappreciated. Other concerns within the teaching profession include teachers’ stress, burnout and high job attrition and turnover. The study explored responses to the social media-base campaign, #ThankYourTeacher created for the general public to show appreciation towards teachers. Data were collected and analyzed from posts using the hashtag #ThankYourTeacher on Instagram and Twitter in addition to responses posted on a related website and a feedback tool at public events. Thematic content analysis determined what people felt grateful for toward their teachers. The themes were conceptualized, using the Head, Heart and Hands Model for Transformational Learning (Orr, 1992), a model that emphasizes an integrated approach to teaching and learning, with the majority of expressions of gratitude in the present study related to Heart and Hands practices as opposed to the Head domain of the model. That is, more people were grateful for their teachers’ ability to inspire, encourage, and provide kindness (Heart) as well as their dedication and leadership (Hand) than a teacher’s general subject area knowledge (Head). The findings of the study demonstrate the importance of the student-teacher relationship and that relational qualities may be more valued than teacher knowledge. The study has potential to stimulate future research, theory and practice in the teaching profession and above all highlight that teachers are indeed valued and appreciated in manifold ways. It also contributes to our understanding of using social media research analysis.
Effective start/end date1/03/2026/07/20