How can electronic medical records be leveraged to explore value based care innovation in surgical care services?

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The objective of this study is to explore the opportunities for designing a value based care model in surgical services, using EMR data and tools specific to surgical care pathways. The study aims to address the following research questions and their related sub-questions:

1. How can EMR data be utilised to understand surgical care pathways, costs associated and their outcomes?
a. What data points from the EMR system can be used to evaluate the baseline surgical care outcomes and associated costs?
b. How can the baseline findings be used to drive a patient centric future model innovation and enable changes in medical reimbursement?

2. Do EMR tools for surgical care pathways need to be leveraged?
a. What are the organisational goals for value based surgical outcomes?
b. Which EMR tools need to be enhanced in order to support the patient centric value based care model for surgical services?

3. What is the role of governance to innovate towards a value based care model in surgical services?
a. What governance mechanisms are established to drive change in surgical care delivery?
Effective start/end date29/07/1928/07/22


  • Electronic medical record
  • innovation
  • surgical care