How can cyclists and heavy vehicle drivers share the road Safely?

  • McInnes, Aaron (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))
  • Newnam, Sharon (Supervisor)
  • O'Hern, Steve (Supervisor)
  • Johnson, Marilyn (Supervisor)
  • Oxley, Jennifer (Project Manager)

Project: Research

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Project Description

Heavy vehicles (including trucks and buses) are over-represented in cyclist crashes and behavioural interventions can assist in reducing these collisions. This PhD will examine the benefits of professional driver educational programs to raise the awareness of cyclists and cyclist safety among heavy vehicle operators. It will evaluate the effectiveness of education courses on improving driver skills and behaviour and provide recommendations on how programs can be improved.
AcronymIP GRIP
Effective start/end date16/07/1926/12/22


  • Heavy Vehicle
  • Cyclists
  • Road Safety
  • Workplace Education