High Impact Wellbeing Strategies – Practical strategies for teachers that promote student wellbeing and better teacher-student relationships - Phase 2

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This project builds on previous work between Monash University and the Victorian Department of Education and Training which developed The collaboration resulted in several strategies identified and refined into teacher-deliverable practices to enhance student wellbeing.. While the identification of HIWS may empower teachers to use the most recent evidence in their teaching to foster wellbeing in students, it marks only the initial stage of this valuable work. A further objective going forward is to ensure that the HIWS have broad uptake, are usable and valued, and readily known and understood. The current project therefore intends to enhance dissemination and impact of the HIWS. The objectives for the Monash-led project is to partner with the Education Services team and ensure the HIWS meet the needs of students, educators, and school leaders, namely:

- To enhance the current knowledge and expertise of educators and school leaders in the administration of a broader range of high-impact, evidence-based pedagogical and wellbeing practices to support all students.

- To develop staff expertise in delivery and mastery of the HIWS and knowledge of how to apply these across classroom and school settings.

- To integrate the current knowledge derived from empirical evidence for the benefit of students, educators and school leaders.

- To encourage a more rigorous approach to building student wellbeing with a focus on sustainable and impactful approaches to promote wellbeing in schools.
Effective start/end date25/05/2331/07/23