High and low falls amongst community-dwelling older adults

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High and low falls make up an increasing proportion of trauma cases. Victorian trauma data indicate that deaths due to falls exceeded deaths due to transport-related deaths for the fifth consecutive year. Low falls are the greatest cause of death amongst older people. Further, major trauma occurring in the home increased over the five year period and is the second most common place of injury. This includes more falls from ladders and roofs. This PhD will address the contributing factors to falls and injury outcomes through an analysis of high and low falls data from the Victorian State Trauma Registry, and from administrative datasets of the Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit (VISU). It will also evaluate/review falls prevention interventions currently offered in Victoria that focus on community-dwelling older people with the aim to propose enhanced or new falls prevention community intervention/s that would be consistent with healthy and active ageing government policy directions.
AcronymIP GRIP
Effective start/end date25/02/1926/08/22


  • Falls
  • Residential Communities
  • Fall prevention