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Professors Jamie Cooper and Rinaldo Bellomo were jointly awarded the GSK Award for Research Excellence (ARE) in recognition of their global leadership and innovative research in critical care medicine that has helped transform approaches to treatment of critically ill patients worldwide. In a collaboration spanning 20 years, Professor Cooper and Professor Bellomo have pioneered landmark patient trials that have transformed clinical guidelines, contributed hundreds of millions of dollars in savings to healthcare systems and significantly improved outcomes for patients with conditions like sepsis, traumatic brain injury, acute kidney failure and acute respiratory failure. The GSK ARE is one of the most prestigious awards available to the Australian medical research community. A grant award of $80,000.
AcronymGSK ARE 2021
Effective start/end date17/11/2118/11/21


  • ICU
  • critical care
  • critical care medicine
  • Critical illness
  • research
  • clinical trials