Gippsland Lakes Co-Managed National Parks Proposal

Project: Research

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This project has 5 components, falling under the current MOU between GLAWAC/Monash/CABAH, including for publication. The 5 components are:
1: Historical document research
2. recording of oral histories
3. predictive modelling of archaeological sites
4. archaeological surveys
5. modelling of impacts of climate change on cultural places
Each of these 5 components of the project involves recording and analysing knowledge and locations of cultural sites around the East Gippsland Lakes. The outcomes are discovery and mapping of new sites, of new details retained in social memory as recorded by oral traditions, and the understanding of site distributions and the impact of archaeological sites through computer modelling. These research results will form foundational data for ongoing research projects in East Gippsland.
Effective start/end date15/01/2030/06/23