Getting Evidence Moving in Schools

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    The Services are for the GEMS (Getting Evidence Moving in Schools) project. Project GEMS involves the development of evidence on key topics in primary school literacy and numeracy teaching strategies, and then the delivery of, and investigation into, different professional learning models that build educators’ capacity to use evidence-based teaching strategies. This includes the design and documentation of an evaluation / research framework that synthesises national and international literature from education and other fields to define and measure effective evidence mobilisation in schools through professional learning.
    The evaluation / research framework has two purposes:
    • Inform the Project GEMS research investigation including qualitative and quantitative data collection; and
    • Describe the key characteristics and measures of effective mobilisation of evidence in schools through professional learning in a document for use by educators, researchers and other education stakeholders.
    Short titleGEMS
    Effective start/end date4/02/1930/06/20