Geological and Contemporary Deformation in the Higher Darjiling-Sikkim Himalaya: Understanding the Link Between Geological History and Seismic Hazard

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    Himalayan geological evolution attracts significant global research efforts and India is leading this effort. Seismic activity in the Himalayan front is a major hazard. This project aims to link the long-term geological history of the Himalayan front in Darjiling-Sikkim with current seismic activity to gain insights into Himalayan evolution and controls on seismic hazard. The project uses structural geology tools and high-precision GPS and joins a leading seismologist from IIT Bombay, with a structural geologist from Monash University in order to determine the current motion pattern of these rock masses and their hazard potential.
    Effective start/end date15/04/1328/04/13


    • Australian Academy of Science: A$8,500.00