Gambling and homelessness among older people in Victoria

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This research explores the link between gambling and homelessness among older
While homelessness is one of the most severe gambling related harms, and older
people (aged 50+ years) appear to be more at risk, very little is known about the
nature of the gambling–homelessness link, the direction of the relationship
between gambling and homelessness, the contributing factors, the risk behaviours, and the adequacy of current service responses.
This exploratory research utilises qualitative research techniques to gain deeper
insights into the potential incidence, causes and consequences of the co-occurrence of gambling and homelessness among older people.
A purposive sample of the workforce in homelessness services for older people in
Victoria will be recruited, and nominal group and semi-structured individual
interviews will be conducted to investigate experiences, knowledge and attitudes
regarding gambling and homelessness, and willingness and perceived ability to
The findings of this exploratory research have potential for increasing
understandings of the gambling–homelessness link among older people,
identifying practical opportunities for improving support services for older people who are at risk of the co-occurrence of gambling harm and homelessness, and highlighting where broader preventive efforts can be strengthened across the
Effective start/end date1/01/18 → 30/09/19