Funding support for the Emerging Researchers in Ageing (ERA) Initiative

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The ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) at UNSW has agreed to provide funding as support for the ongoing operations of the Emerging Researchers in Ageing (ERA) initiative which is convened by Dr Matthew Carroll at the Monash Gippsland campus in accordance with the CEPAR funding application.

These funds will be provided for three (3) years with the possibility of extension for a further period of up to four (4) years pending the outcome of a review of all CEPAR operations by the ARC. The funding amount for this support is in accordance with the amount of ARC funding awarded to UNSW under the Head Agreement.

This funding follows previous funding received for this initiative which was originally awarded to Helen Bartlett but was transferred to Matthew Carroll some years ago. This contract is in line with the new ARC contract with UNSW. This was not classified as research.

The draft Collaboration Agreement and Head Agreement is attached including Schedule A. Once approved in Pure, a request will be made to OGC to review the draft Collaboration Agreement.
Short titleERA Initiative
Effective start/end date27/11/1731/12/20