Feasibility Study - Valorisation of Stone Fruit Waste 

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This project will address the challenge of valorising the large quantity of stone fruit waste associated with the growing and processing of stone fruits (eg peaches, avocados, plums, prunes) in northern Victoria. Up to 30% of all crops are discarded or lost on-farm or in sorting processes, amounting to hundreds of thousands of tonnes annually of discarded fruit across the sector. This does not include discarded portions of the fruit and fruit pomace from processing plants.
The project will involve collaboration between a large orchard (Cutri Fruits), a fruit processor (Defugo Group) and a research provider (Monash University) to develop innovative solutions and commercially viable options where all parts (ie skins, kernels, pulp) of the discarded fruit can be valorised. The project will include, identifying quantities and nature of the discarded biomass, an evaluation of current technologies available overseas, chemical composition assessment of relevant waste streams, and identification of possible uses, new products and markets for different chemical components.
Short titleStone Fruit Valorisation
Effective start/end date13/08/2121/03/22


  • Sustainability Victoria: A$16,155.00


  • stonefruit, by-products, chemical analysis