Farm to Families Research Evaluation

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The objectives of the evaluation are to determine the extent to which the program has:
a) Identified suitable host agency (agencies), referral process and location/s for markets that increase access to fresh food in a welcoming and respectful manner;
b) Developed a food relief model with a community development focus, which includes partnerships, community programs, capacity building, referral pathways and information sharing;
c) Created volunteer opportunities for community members to support community involvement and leadership with Farm to Families;
d) Consolidated food security activity across sectors;
e) Built the capacity of emergency relief workers in health and nutritional education;
f) Embedded healthy catering activities and/or information in Farm to Families project; and
g) Actively involved Farm to Families participants, stakeholders and volunteers to strengthen the evidence base and inform local food security initiatives.
Effective start/end date15/07/161/08/17