Falls risk assessment for people with intellectual disability

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To conduct a literature review (including grey literature) to (a) identify if any falls risk assessment tools have been developed for use with people with intellectual disability, or have been used with people with intellectual disability (even if not specifically developed for people with intellectual disability). This would also include research reporting risk factors for falls in people with intellectual disability (can be used to inform a falls risk assessment), and research evaluating any interventions to reduce falls risk for people with intellectual disability; (b) to identify any systematic reviews published about falls risk assessment tools in the community setting (this may enable comparison of the degree of variability between falls risk assessment tools reported, and give an indication of potentially important falls risk factors); (c) to identify strengths and weaknesses of any tools identified for use with people with intellectual disability, including any research conducted with the tool/s; (d) to develop recommendations regarding whether an existing tool may meet the needs of Scope for its clients with intellectual disability, or whether a new tool may need to be developed for this purpose.
Effective start/end date17/08/2023/10/20


  • falls
  • intellectual disability