Falls risk among people with intellectual disability living in Specialist Disability Accommodation – risk assessment to guide intervention?

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Among people with intellectual disability who are customers of Scope and live in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) staffed by Scope:
a) To identify most prevalent risk factors (based on the mFRAST)
b) To identify any common patterns / shared falls risk factor combinations
c) To identify which falls risk factors from the mFRAST significantly differentiate (1) fallers from non-fallers (from preceding 12 month data); (2) multiple fallers (2+ falls) from non multiple fallers (0/1 fall)
d) To identify factors that may benefit from intervention to reduce frequency of falls in Scope SDA
e) To identify the contribution of environmental hazards in falls among people with intellectual disability in Scope SDA
e) To gain feedback from Scope SDA managers regarding their perspectives on the utility of the mFRAST in capturing information regarding falls risk with clients with intellectual disability.
Effective start/end date7/06/2131/01/22


  • SCOPE: A$69,662.00