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    Factil has developed a web-based business information modelling platform that is targeted at
    organisations facing complex data integration challenges. Based on our capability in this space, Factil
    has been awarded a grant under the Federal Government’s Business Research and Innovation
    Initiative to develop an application for information sharing between child protection agencies.
    The Factil toolset is based on a data modeling technique known as Fact-Based Modeling. From the
    business information model, the platform can generate well-structured data schemas in a number of
    forms, transformation code between these forms, and associated artefacts such as business
    glossaries and data dictionaries.  The business information model is schema-neutral, and supports
    both relational and NoSQL data environments.
    The intention is that within the platform, the information model can be visualised at three levels:
     A high-level view of data pipelines within an organisation
     For a pipeline, a view of the composite structures (tables and documents in relational and
    NoSQL environments, respectively)
     For a composite, a view of the Fact-Based Modeling elements
    Currently there is a basic implementation of the visualisation of the data pipelines. The visualisation
    of the composite structures is expected to be similar to an ER diagram, and the visualisation of the
    modeling elements is expected to be similar to an ORM diagram (ORM is a one of the Fact-Based
    Modeling dialects).
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