Exford Bus Crash Safety Review

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The first phase of this task will involve an assessment of standards and Australian Design Rules applicable to large buses (i.e., category ME, omnibuses of >5t GVM in Australia) and internationally with the goal of understanding the current regulatory state of bus occupant protection measures worldwide and to highlight the key differences among the jurisdictions. The second phase of this task will be to review the available literature on bus rollover protection, with a focus on partial and full ejection and the role of seatbelts (particularly for child occupants or smaller adults) in occupant injury outcomes. Task 2 will involve a vehicle inspection of the Exford bus and a review—to the extent possible—of the correlations between medically-diagnosed injury outcomes and: likely seatbelt usage, occupant height and/or weight and seating position.
Effective start/end date14/07/2322/12/23


  • Department of Transport and Planning (Victoria): A$49,700.00


  • Road Safety
  • road crashes
  • Occupant Protection