Evaluation of Year 7 Program at Killester - What Works?

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    Killester College has indicated a need to identify the ways in which their Year 7 program is optimising students’ learning, particularly in the light of consistently strong NAPLAN results. It is hoped that an investigation may shed light on the efficacy of the Year 7 program that Killester has invested in, which features:
    • targeted teaching in certain areas
    • additional teacher resources added to support English, Humanities, and Maths
    • a block teaching (simultaneous scheduling) of English, Humanities, and Maths
    • allocation of additional planning/meeting time for teachers
    • opportunities to have individual or joined classes in the flexible Year 7 space

    Work has been undertaken to document this program and its principles. NAPLAN data for Year 7 and 9, to date, has indicated growth which may be attributable to this approach. The school believes that positive outcomes are being achieved which carry forward into Year 9. It is worth noting that no specific program is undertaken at Year 8.

    Killester would like to evaluate the Year 7 program in order to identify how the additional resources for the program are being utilised and to ascertain the factors that may be contributing to student learning growth. Killester would like to have a report by the end of August 2017 so that the implications of the findings could feed forward into the forthcoming Strategic Planning process.
    Effective start/end date31/05/1731/08/17