Evaluation of the Feuerstein Method - Pilot Program and Bushfire Initiatives

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    A short independent evaluation of the Feuerstein Methodology is being requested by the Department to measure the success/outcomes of schools participating in both the pilot program and the bushfire initiatives.

    This evaluation will inform decisions about whether additional schools are encouraged to implement the Method, resulting in a more rigorous evaluative process at a later date.

    The Department will provide access to data (AIP’s), participant’s feedback on professional learning and participating schools’ survey results.

    The evaluation will focus on the following questions (suggested but not limited to):
    • What benefits for schools does the Methodology bring to students, teacher and schools?
    • How does the Feuerstein method align with the Education State agenda?
    • To what extent have there been changes to student learning and teaching practice in schools? What is possible over time?
    • To what extent is implementation feasible and scalable across the system (metropolitan and regional)?
    Effective start/end date16/05/1927/06/19