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The Satellite Foundation delivers programs to support young people who live with a family member who has a mental illness. Using a co-participatory design with young people and other stakeholders, the Monash team will collect various data sets to evaluate and further inform Satellite’s programs, over a three-year period. A quasi-experimental design (pre-post and six-week post) will be employed to identify potential changes to young people as a result of program participation. Interviews will be conducted with young people, their parents and staff to identify program acceptability, participants’ perceptions about the program and its feasibility and sustainability. The creative works produced by young people will be showcased as a means of illustrating Satellite’s programs and their impact. A social return of investment (SROI) will be conducted to quantify the social and economic value of the project. The project is informed by the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, Satellite’s program logic model and most importantly, the needs and preferences of young people themselves.
Effective start/end date7/03/2231/08/25