Evaluation of an effective practice model for youth detention in NSW

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This study aims to examine the effectiveness of a practice skills framework implemented in two detention centres in NSW Juvenile Justice. Previous research suggests that the use of evidence based practice skills by detention centre staff will lead to fewer critical incidents and higher levels of well-being among staff and young people.

The study involves training staff in effective practice skills and supporting staff in the use of those skills through supervision and support. Data regarding critical incidents and well-being before and after the program implementation will be collected using the following methods: observation of the units; interviews with staff and young people; the completion of well-being scales; and examination of departmental records regarding critical incidents.

In addition to the before and after comparison a control group will also be used. It may be that changes in critical incidents and well-being may have occurred due to factors other than the practice skills framework. If this is the case then a matched control group may also experience these changes. If there are changes in the centres targeted for the practice framework but not the matched control group this suggests that the changes are associated with the program or intervention.

Effective start/end date31/05/1723/09/18