Establishment of Korea Foundation Lectureship in Korean Studies

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This is an application for funding from the Korea Foundation, a South Korean state funding educational body that promotes the world-wide growth of Korean Studies .
The aim of the project is to create a position in Korean Studies at Lecturer (Level B) or Senior Lecturer (Level C) in the Australian system. The position would last for an initial period of five years under Korea Foundation funding. At the end of the five-year period, Monash University have agreed to maintain the position permanently under university funding. The post in Korean Studies will help to meet the increasing demand for Korean at the University. The new staff member will be expected to lead and build on the continued expansion of both Monash University Korean Studies teaching and research. The primary responsibility of the new staff member will be twofold, first, to introduce and teach Korean language units, and second, to participate in research projects and grant applications at the University.
Short titleKorean Foundation Lectureship Establishment
Effective start/end date4/03/213/03/26


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