Establish an Australian Fire Fatality Annual Reporting System

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The broad objective of the proposed project is to establish an Australian fire fatality annual reporting system. Creating a national level reporting system to track trends in fire fatalities will be greatly beneficial in guiding the development of future interventions aimed at reducing fire fatalities. A national database will allow for more in-depth analysis of fire fatality risk factors that may not be identifiable in the small case numbers collected in each jurisdiction
individually. Such national systems are already working effectively overseas in places like the US and UK, where fire fatality and other data are collected regularly and reported publicly. However, a critical first step is to determine the range and quality of data sources held by fire (and other) agencies, and explore any barriers to establishing a national dataset.
Effective start/end date5/09/2230/09/23


  • Fire and Incident Reporting System
  • Fire fatalities
  • Emergency Services
  • Injury outcomes
  • statistical analysis
  • data reporting
  • reporting systems