Ensemble Single Column Modeling in the Tropics - Derivation of observed forcing data sets, estimation of observation uncertainty and application to parametrization improvements

  • Jakob, Christian (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))
  • Hume, Timothy (Chief Investigator (CI))

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The application process with the DOE is online, so there is effectively no application form as such. Attached to this email are all the ancillary documents that were attached to the online application (sorry for filling everyone's mailbox), as well as some pdf copies of the face page and budget pages from the online document. As you will see, the budget identifies the different items the money is meant to be used for. Those are not hard boundaries and there is flexibility for instance in using left-overs from staff costs for travel etc. Note that an additional complication is that all funds in the documents are referred to in US$. This means that the actual funds available do depend (significantly) on exchange rate at the time of transfer. The information on how many OZ$ we actually received resides in the Bureau of Meteorology. Let me know if it is required. Finally, some of the funds we still have are carry-overs from a previous grant (the current grant is the second in hopefully a long series). The Bureau is currently preparing a full financial report for the project (since its inception in 2003) and that should clarify how much carry over there was. The $40K we have received from the Bureau so far will be used for travel, publication and staff costs as outlined in the budget. The person employed by the Bureau on this project is about to leave and I intend to move the project to Monash in its entirety as soon as that happens and as soon as Monash is prepared for that. This will mean employing someone here to carry out the research. Most of the funds to support this will be in next year's allocation. (about US$96K).

Please have a look at the attached documents and let me know if they are sufficient for your purpose. If they are not the only possibility to go forward I can see is to ask the program manager at DOE to provide me with a letter confirming that these funds are a research grant. Let me know if you feel that is necessary.

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Effective start/end date1/06/0730/06/10


  • United States Department of Energy: A$58,510.14
  • United States Department of Energy: A$121,197.63